Prepango: a
prepaid communications
distribution company
About Us

Prepango is all about Prepay and Go! (Pre-pa-n-go) and we do this thru a number of different ways including Online Sales, Mobile Apps, Custom Vending, and nationwide Distribution.


Pre-pan-go! Specializes in products that help people stay connected while traveling or simply on the go!


Thru a wide range of partners and global suppliers, we develop custom solutions for our customers for all of our channels: online, retail and vending. Our customers are mainly large blue chip companies in need of specialized solutions for their users and customers; so if the desired solution doesn’t exist, then we’ll develop it from scratch!

Prepango was founded in 2009 and is dedicated to being the market leader in wholesale retail communications offering specialized solutions to both niche and general markets. We strive to provide our customers with the best products and services on the market.

Products and Services
Custom Communications

Our Custom Communications are dedicated to quality. We have made a commitment to ensure our customers always get the best quality and service. Our attention to detail, professionalism and experience is what ensures achieving your full customer satisfaction

Mobile APPs

At Prepango, we create high-performance applications for major operating systems such as Android, Apple, and Kindle.


. These are custom made solutions which range from basic to highly sophisticated apps that include international voice service and free app to app calling and messaging around the world.


Here are some of our Apps:

International Prepaid Phone Cards

We distribute a wide range of international prepaid calling cards for low cost calling abroad.

Our phone cards are ideal for contacting your family and friend while abroad!

International SIM Cards: Voice and Mobile Data

First class mobile calling solutions for international calls and data.


We strive to deliver easy to use and low cost calling while abroad. Whether you are using our mobiles to call from inside the USA or from abroad, you will enjoy HUGE savings compared to roaming and other pre-paid mobile providers!

Mobile Phones

Our travel phones are a great way to keep in touch without roaming while on the go!


They are READY TO USE and can serve as a great temporary solution


There are no monthly fees to worry about and you can call anywhere from home or abroad.



Affiliated Sites
My travel app

Mobile app for global prepaid calling at low rates! call and sms via wifi or using data, free to download, then add credit as needed directly from the app using your app store account.

Sim Traveler

SIM Cards and Mobiles for international travelers. Avoid roaming and stay connected while traveling!


All of our products come ready to use. There is no registration required! Each mobile includes both a Global Number and a US number.

The SIM Power

SIMPOWER gives you the power to use your tablet & mobile when you want to, where you want to, paying only for what you use and without roaming!


The best SIM for temporary users such as travelers and second devices! No monthly plans so pay only for what you use!


Prepango operates a wide range of vending machines that offer our customers the comunication products and services they need.


Whether you are shopping, traveling, or simply in need to stay in touch or online while on the go,  Prepango has convenience, hassle free ways to keep you connected around the world